4CH 3G/4G GPS WiFi 720P AHD HDD Mobile DVR for Vehicle Fleet Management

4CH 3G/4G GPS WiFi 720P AHD HDD Mobile DVR for Vehicle Fleet Management

3G/4G GPS WIFI 720P AHD HDD mobile DVR PRODUCT DESCRIPTION 4CH 3G/4G GPS WIFI 720P AHD HDD mobile DVR for vehicle fleet management Sodimax SDM718A 3G/4G 4CH AHD 720P MDVR Vehicel Tracking System supporting 4CH 720P HD video recording, 3G/4G live video streaming through PC&phone remotely,...

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3G/4G GPS WIFI 720P AHD HDD mobile DVR            

4CH 3G/4G GPS WIFI 720P AHD HDD mobile DVR for vehicle fleet management

Sodimax SDM718A 3G/4G 4CH AHD 720P MDVR Vehicel Tracking System supporting 4CH 720P HD video recording, 3G/4G live video streaming through PC&phone remotely, with GPS tracking on google map, wifi auto downloading, with RJ45, RS232&485, I/O port interface for multiple outer device integration. Its storage (max 2TB)lasts more than 100 days recording. With mirorr recording into U-disk for video's backup and data's protection. With plug&play function to protect devices from damaging. .


1)Specially designed for Vehicle
2)Stability overrides all other considerations

3)Super Quakeproof
6)Industrial Products(not common play toy)
7)H.264 compressing format
8)Enbedded operating system
9)Wide operating temperature range
10)Extremely  compact design
11)Metal outer covering design
12)With lock design:prevent the artificial sabotage 
13)Power failure protection






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About Server:

1)The server software is free? What are the system requirements to use this software?

Yes, it is free of charge.

For server setup, you need to buy a static IP adress from your local network provider, and then the computer should be with good performance (HDD capacity should be above 500GB, Memory above 4G, CPU above 2G, with dual core, Network interface should be 100 Mega or 1000 mega.

2)What Operating system needs to be used? Windows 7 or 8 or Windows server? Can the WIFI auto download software be placed on the same system?

RE: yes, you could use windows system, 7 or 8 are both okay. Also the wifi auto download software are with the same system. In fact, our current software are all based on windows system.(only Clients is with android system&IOS&windows)

3)When we start using your server and after some time we build our own, can the IP address in the units be changed remote or do we do this by wire?

If you build your own server, then you could change the DVR local settings by manual. After you used your own server, then you could run the server TOOl software, then you could remotely change the settings of your vehicles, this is no problem.

About Clients:

1)Can we get our own look and feel for the client when we have our own?

As for the Clients app, we could add your logo or your company name on it if you need, but the others, like menus, functions, structures etc are the same. You could not change the Clients software even you have your own server since the software is developed by our technician, only they could change or decorate.

2)Is it correct that when we want to connect audio, we can connect a camera less to the system?

You mean you want to hear the voice when you see the video? If so, no need to connect less camera, you just need to buy a sound pickup to connect together with one or two of the cameras, then the one or two channel will be with audio.

3)Is it possible to rename the vehicle ID? For example for a name or a licence plate? (for example: 08-PVP-5)

Yes, of course, it is editable, you could rename and make your own specific vehicle ID or name or license plate etc. if you use our server, you will need us to revise the vehicle ID for you if you set up your own server, there is software for all the configuration, so you could set the vehicle ID by the software config.

4)Is there always a connection between the unit and the client? Is this adjustable? For example only in case of an alarm, or when someone looks in the client or the App to the images? I ask this because we want to use as less data as possible

In fact, as long as there is 3G function and your sim card is workable, you could make such connection when you need to check the live vehicle running details. In fact, if you no need to check, you could close the Clients. If you need to check, then open it and login to check. As for alarm alert, yes, if the clients is open, you will get the alert in due time, but it the clients is closed, the live alert will be missed. If you set email notification or SMS sending by server, then the alert will never be missed even the 3G is not connected since servers works all the time no matter the 3G is connected or not.

5)Is it necessary to create a different login for client and app? Is there a maximum of logins that can be created?

In fact, for the accounts, you could create different ones with no problem( with your own server), the same account is applicable for both PC and phone, so usually we think no need to make different account, otherwise you want to give different authority to some users( like you dont' want UserA to monitor busA, then you could put busA out of UserA's account.). There is no limits for the accounts created.

6)Is the GPS polling configurable? If so where can this be done?

GPS polling is configurable. For the DVR local settings, we didn't make the interface to show such settings, because it is a kind of protection. If you need, we could also make a interface for such settings. By our current version, you could only set the GPS polling frequency by the server config( it means you have to set up your own server, then you could set the frequency by your own need)

7)Is it possible to rename the alarm inputs? For example in burglary or SOS?

Yes, our SDM605 supports 6 alarm inputs, such 6 alarm signals are customize for you,  it means you could set different alarm signal to replace the original ones.( like you could set door open or window broken as the inputs, this is no problem)

8)Can you explain where we can see (in the client) when an alarm input is triggered? We tried it and saw a car blinking on the map, but there was no report visible. The alarm input was activated by a positive 12V (manual page 15 art. 2.3.6).   Re: As for the alarm list, you have to set the signals firstly, please click the above "setting" menu, then find "alarm linkage", then there are many options for the signals, you could tick which you need, and upload a MP3 sound as  alert. Please try and  check.

9)Where can we configure the email notifications in case of an alarm?

In fact, only when you set up the server, then you could configure the email notification by our server software.

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